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Keynote Presentation Topics 

1. The Future of Storytelling: What Will Change, What Won't and Why It Matters 

Everywhere you turn it seems as if the power of storytelling is being talked about. And for good reason. Effective stories create action–they can build movements, mobilize supporters, spur donations, win elections and more. History has shown that stories are inextricably linked to what it means to be human. But we're now entering a phase of storytelling overload. The definition and purpose of a "story" has rapidly evolved, and it's harder than ever to escape noise and develop cultures of storytelling that break down silos to activate all members of an organization as storytellers. Professor John D. Trybus will share findings from applied research into what the future of storytelling will look like and why it matters to your work. The results and ideas for action will surprise and inspire you. 

2. Stories, Symbols and Similes: The Unsung Heroes of Human Understanding 

Storytelling is inextricably linked to what it means to be human. We dream, think, communicate and, yes, even gossip in stories. In fact, research has shown that up to 65 percent of our daily interactions are based on stories. But symbols—those items all around us that hold profound meaning beyond their physical means—and quirky figures of speech known as similes are also unique to forms of human expression. When strategically curated this trifecta can become a powerful force for social impact. Through thought provoking examples and the latest research findings, learn how stories, symbols and similes can be harnessed in ways you have likely not imagined for social impact benefit within your work and beyond. 

3. The Jane Goodall Rules: Behind-the-Scenes Stories of Chimps, Change and...Whiskey 

From National Geographic cover girl to United Nations Messenger of Peace and more, Dr. Jane Goodall is the woman who literally redefined man. Her groundbreaking chimpanzee research and humanitarian work has transformed how we think about animals with a hopeful, yet urgent message that "every individual matters and every individual makes a difference." Join Jane's former aide, Professor John D. Trybus, for a behind-the-scenes view into what it was like to work intimately with this environmental rockstar while traveling on her perpetual 300-day-per-year global advocacy tour. You'll hear his personal stories and most importantly, reflections about what Jane taught him—the Jane Rules—that all changemakers must know in order to drive lasting impact throughout their life. 

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