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With expert facilitation skills and an infusion of humor (learning should be fun!), John leads interactive workshops on storytelling for organizations and groups customized to their unique needs.
Time Options
  • Full-day or multi-day workshops
  • Half-day workshops
  • Two-hour workshops 
  • Virtual webinars
Topics Areas 
The exact workshop agenda is created after a consultation to ensure it meets the needs of your attendees and larger organizational goals.
However, sample topics within a full-day session may include: 
  1. Brief History of Storytelling 
  2. Current State of Storytelling 
  3. How to Design Stories in a Strategic, Purposeful Way 
  4. Five Essential Building Blocks of Effective Stories 
  5. Story Creation Exercises 
  6. Story Practice 
  7. Building a Culture of Storytelling 
  8. The Future of Storytelling 
  9. Action Planning 
At the conclusion of the workshop, dependent on the session's length, attendees will be able to: 
  • Creation: Create strategic stories that are dually authentic and align with larger organizational goals. 
  • Application: Walk-away with a framework for how to develop and tell stories in a way that activates the human brain. 
  • Implementation: Implement the lessons learned from the workshop within their own organization or team as a story changemaker who has an important role to play in developing a healthy culture of storytelling within his or her own setting. 
John also leads workshops uniquely created for the needs of the following groups, among others:
  • Storytelling for conservation and zoos 
  • Storytelling for foundations and grantees 
  • Storytelling for corporate social responsibility 
  • Storytelling for health-focused organizations 
  • Storytelling for fundraising and grant writing 
  • Storytelling for all-staff retreats and team building
  • Storytelling for leadership development  
Please contact John to discuss workshop options 
based on your needs and goals in more detail. 
Let's collaborate!  

Contact John to discuss bringing his storytelling research

to your organization or conference with a workshop or speech.

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